About Us

Where True Glamour Comes From Real Nature


After 20 years experience in the skincare industry, founder Liz Glanville age 37 (pictured) grew tired of fancy creams that delivered minimal results with many of them containing hormone disruptors and carcinogenics. Due to her own hyper sensitive, ageing and hormonal skin, Liz knew that something more could be offered for others in the same situation.

Liz went on to take her passion and knowledge one step further and began her formulation journey with Formula Botanica, the worlds biggest skin science and formulation school! Liz achieved a distinction in formulation skills!! .She then began using her mum (age 61 pictured with Liz) as her number one guinea pig and the results was outstanding!

 TIGER LILLIE SKIN FOOD  is an artisanal skincare line- every product in our line is handmade in small batches ensuring ultimate freshness, blessed with botanicals and love. We create amazingly beautiful formulations to the highest quality in house at our skincare studio, to ensure high performance results. None of our products are tested on animals just our willing humans! Skincare for Liz isn’t just about anti- ageing, reducing scarring or healing skincare conditions. It is about feeding the skin with the valuable nutrients its deserves. When our skin is healthy it makes a huge difference and clearly shows! When your skin glows with health your insecurities literally fade away!

The main goal is to help as many women as possible look and feel amazing. We believe our skin goes through stages and not types, as its forever changing with age! All of our products are made for all skin stages . If your unsure where to start your journey or which stage your skin may be at then book your free skincare consultation today at info@tigerlilliesskinfood.com.

What Makes Us Different

All of our products are classed as a skin food (PALEO),  meaning that we thought we would take it one step further than organic as even most organic brands still contain irritants. This is where we differ as we contain absolutely no synthetics and are literally certified as clean enough to eat, all of our products are sold in glass only we are conscious of our environment!

Apart from our beautiful floral waters we are an Anhydrous brand meaning that our luxurious oils and creams are not bulked with water or nasty synthetics. This leaves our products full of high performance ingredients and nutrients meaning very little goes a long way for the customer. You will find this is where we differ massively as commercial creams are nearly almost 70-80% water! Our skin itself is actually waterproof so these creams add little benefit!

Here at Tiger Lillies Skin Food we believe it is possible for nature to be glamorous and too keep things simple. Our founder Liz a skin care expert believes in skin stages instead of skin types, this is where our range differs hugely from all other skincare ranges. Every single product is suitable for everyone at every skin stage, you will just need to use different products of our range at the different stages of your skin.