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Skin Stages 3 & 4 - Signs of Ageing & Accelerated Ageing

Help: I’m Noticing Signs of (Accelerated) Ageing! What’s Happening and What to do About It

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At Tiger Lillies, we believe in ageing naturally but that doesn’t mean you have to embrace the wrinkles and sagging skin if you don’t want to. For us, ageing naturally means having no artificial additives in our diet or skincare, and while we understand ageing is a fact of life, we’d like to stay looking youthful and healthy as we age, thank you.

If you’ve noticed signs of ageing (like the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), your skin appearing less toned, dark spots and blemishes and uneven skin tone, you’re likely in Skin Stage 3. If you look in the mirror and spot bags under your eyes, crow’s feet on either side of your eyes, dull, dry skin and deeper lines and wrinkles than you’d expect at your natural age, you might be thinking, “Why do I look older than I am?!” The chances are, you’re experiencing signs of accelerated ageing and you’re in Skin Stage 4.

A short science lesson

As we age, our body’s internal processes begin to slow, including cell turnover. Cellular turnover is the biological process of shedding dead skin cells and replacing them with younger and healthy skin cells. When we’re young, cellular turnover occurs around once a fortnight, by the time we’re in our twenties, we’re shedding dead skin cells about once every 24 to 30 days, and by the time we’re in our forties, that process is only happening once every 45 to 60 days. As cellular turnover slows, the skin appears less plump, less shiny and less firm.

We can’t expect to stop ageing but there are things that can be done to slow the visible signs of natural ageing. If your skin is ageing rapidly, or earlier than you’d expect, there could be a number of factors at play, many of which are (thankfully) controllable.

The back of a hand covering the up part of a white womans face

What to do about signs of (accelerated) ageing

Signs of ageing can be exacerbated by a number of things: foregoing moisturiser or sun cream, having an unhealthy lifestyle, not wearing a protective barrier cream in polluted spaces, poor sleep and not following a skincare routine. Some of these are easily rectified.

For many skin concerns, regularly getting a good night’s sleep works wonders. And it’s no different when you’re worried about the visible signs of ageing. Research has shown that when we sleep, our skin makes collagen which helps the skin to repair itself, reducing the likelihood of wrinkles. So make sure you get some decent shut-eye for a youthful, plump complexion. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is also a glorious defence against accelerated ageing. Eating a balanced diet, cutting back on alcohol and quitting smoking are just three ways to support the natural ageing process - read our top tips for ageing naturally here. If you’re tempted to skip the moisturiser after a hot shower or forget to reapply sun cream during sun exposure, change this habit. Hot showers can dry out the skin, making it look dull, and we don’t need to remind you of the damage the sun can wreak on your skin.

You also need to follow a good skincare routine, targeting signs of ageing. If you’ve never had a skincare routine and are not sure where to start, we can help you create a skincare routine that suits you.

Not sure your skincare routine is tackling the signs of ageing you’re seeing? The Bees Knees Plus+ face cream has all the ingredients you need to revitalise dull, sagging skin. Bee propolis, bee pollen straight from the hive, ylang ylang and myrrh will have your skin buzzing with energy in no time (well, six to eight weeks). As ageing is your primary skin concern, we’d suggest trying our Plus+ formulations as these contain additional, natural ingredients which our testers described as creating an “instant lift”. If repairing sun-damaged skin is what you’re after, you’ll love our Under The Sea face cream. Sea cucumber, sea lettuce and bladderwrack shower the skin with essential nutrients that help reduce the appearance of sunspots, wrinkles and fine lines.

We’re here to help you age naturally and beautifully. Join us at Tiger Lillies Skin Food.

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