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Divine Duo Be Mine Cleanser

At the start and end of the day, all we want is an effective, gentle and non-drying cleanser to prep for the day ahead- or wash off the day’s worries.

Our super gentle, non-foaming face cleanser, Divine Duo Be Mine, is just that.

Wild-harvested rosewater and organic jojoba oil combine, giving you the power of nature to gently cleanse and deeply nourish your skin.

How do I use it?

Divine Duo Be Mine is a two-in-one cleanser working twice as hard so you don’t have to.

To cleanse, shake the bottle well so that the two phases are combined. Either spray directly onto the face with eyes closed or into your hands if preferred.

Rub into the skin with gentle circular motions, covering the entire face, neck and décolletage and remove the cleanser with a warm, wet cloth. Once is usually enough, but repeat as necessary to get rid of all dirt, debris and long-wear makeup.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, yet luxurious moisturiser, Divine Duo doubles up as one. Spray onto your hands, apply to your skin and allow the naturally active ingredients to sink in.

Which Skin Stage is it suitable for?

All of them! As a nourishing and refreshing cleanser, Divine Duo will help you banish skin concerns and achieve any skin goal! It pairs perfectly with all the products in our range of moisturisers and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and pleasantly scented.

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