Turn back time and reduce the signs of ageing with...

Divine Duo Be Mine (10mL) & Up The Anti Serum (5mL)

Divine Duo Be Mine (10mL) & Up The Anti Serum (5mL)

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Help reverse the tell-tale signs of ageing and claim back your best-looking skin.

Our award-winning duo helps you quickly reduce wrinkles, create fuller-looking skin and leave your face and neck feeling more hydrated.

So you can wave goodbye to your eye bags, fine lines, and crow's feet. And glow in your new confidence.

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    • Heather Paul

      “I’ve honestly had so many compliments of how I look fresh and brighter and clearer and more glowing.”

    • Lisa

      “...it’s definitely my new favourite cleanser won’t be going back to my old one.”

    • Danielle

      “You can feel it feeding your skin. [...] Love Love Love!”

    • Karen

      “After years of buying very expensive skin care products I have finally found the one I can’t be without.”

    • Julie Robinson

      “...you can literally feel the goodness seeping into your skin and doing good.”

    • Djemal

      “My complexion is so much brighter and clearer since using this little bottle of magic. I am also an acne sufferer, and this does not aggravate it.”

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    • Products that are actually organic. Not just a few ingredients.

    • Concentrated ingredients without 70%+ water.

    • Award-winning, worry-free formula.

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    A magical blend of luxurious organic cold-press oils and botanical extracts that help hydrate, brighten, tone and balance your skin. Its anti-ageing properties help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity so you can look and feel your best.

    • Suitable for all skin stages

      89% of ingredients are organic certified

      A magical blend of cold- pressed oils

    • Up The Anti face serum - Tiger Lillies Skin Food
    • Nourishes your skin

      A gentle, light, non- greasy feel

      Leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturised

    How to use

    Shake before use. In the evening, apply 6 to 8 drops to clean skin and leave to sink in overnight. For best results pair with your current Tiger Lillies Skin Food ritual.

    Skincare Awards Panellist

    "I like to think of this as ‘liquid gold’ ... fragrance is heady, but in an intoxicating way. I love it so much, I can’t stop sniffing it. I really like the deeply moisturising benefits of this oil. It’s super rich, deeply hydrating, sinks in fast and leaves my skin feeling softer and more nourished. It’s a miracle product!"



    A nourishing partnership of wild-harvested rosewater and organic jojoba oil that cares for and feeds your skin with botanical goodness. All whilst removing debris, toxins and stubborn makeup. So you can leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and fully hydrated.

    • Suitable for all skin stages

      99% of ingredients are organic certified

      A natural pairing of rejuvenating ingredients

    • Divine Duo Be Mine face cleanser - Tiger Lillies Skin Food
    • Removes makeup and debris

      Cleanses, hydrates and stays soft on your skin

      Leaves skin feeling fresher, brighter and firmer

    How to use

    To cleanse, shake well so that the two in-bottle phases mix. Spray into the hands, or directly onto the face with eyes closed. Rub into the skin using gentle circular motions, covering all of the face, neck, and décolletage, before removing with a warm, wet cloth. Repeat as many times as necessary so all dirt, debris, and make-up is completely removed.

    Top tip: Divine Duo can also double up as a lightweight moisturiser. Spray onto the hands, apply to the skin, and allow to sink in.


    “Divine Duo is light and refreshing on the skin, don’t be fooled by this it’s an amazing cleanser and removes any dirt, grim and make up easily. Skin is left feeling clean, hydrated and very smooth, it’s definitely my new favourite cleanser won’t be going back to my old one.”

    • Up the anti indeed! Danielle on Apr 06, 2023

      "You just managed to 'up the anti' against every other brand. There's and sinks in great. You can feel it nothing like this anywhere! Not greasy product so no going back now. It can't feeding your skin. Very powerful skincare marvel!! Love Love Love!"

    • Obsessed leaves skins glowing Kelly Stone on Apr 02, 2023

      "Absolutely obsessed with this cleanser removes all make up and leaves skin glowing been using for over a month now and everyone noticing a 🥰 difference in my skin not just me 🥰"

    • Fresh and fancy Liz Frankland on Apr 27, 2023

      "I came from an absolute no skin care routine to using this and it has been a game changer. My skin feels so fresh and clean after using it but also so soft and gentle. It's so easy to take off my make up too it makes my routine that much quicker! A pure luxury and joy to use!!!"

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    Indulge in premium skincare. And get the award-winning anti-ageing combo - Divine Duo Be Mine Cleanser (10ml) and Up The Anti Face Elixir (5ml) - for free. Just pay postage. That way, you can show off your new skin confidence. With visibly fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Fuller, plumper-looking skin. And simply, a happier, healthier glow.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Effortless and Effective - A Game-Changer for My Skincare Routine

    As someone who's never used beauty products, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and effective this product is. It removed a surprising amount of dirt from my skin, leaving it feeling much cleaner. Thanks, Tiger Lillies, for making this so user-friendly.

    A Pure Luxury and Joy - My Skin Has Never Felt Better

    I transitioned from having no skincare routine to using this product, and it's been a game-changer. My skin now feels not only fresh and clean but also incredibly soft and gentle. Removing makeup has become a breeze, saving me precious time. Using this product is a pure luxury and an absolute joy!

    Surprisingly Effective - Up the Anti Elixir Makes Skincare Easy

    Up the Anti Serum has transformed my skincare routine. As a first-time user of beauty products, I was surprised by how effortless it is to use. It removed so much dirt from my skin, leaving it feeling incredibly clean

    A Phenomenal Cleanser for Busy Professionals - I Look Younger!

    With over 23 years in the beauty industry and trying countless skincare brands, I finally found a phenomenal cleanser. This product is unbelievably easy to use, which is crucial for a busy person like me. After eight weeks of using it, I've received numerous compliments on my fresh, brighter, and clearer skin. People have even asked if I've had work done on my face! This amazing product has made me look younger, and I owe it all to the natural ingredients, delightful smell, and stunning texture. I can't wait to explore more products from Tiger Lillies!

    Effortless Transition - Up the Anti Elixir for a Cleaner Skin

    Up the Anti elixir is a game-changer. I was initially hesitant to try male beauty products, but this one made the transition effortless. It effectively removed dirt from my skin, and now my skin feels exceptionally clean.


    Are your products all-natural and organic?

    Our products are completely natural we avoid harsh preservatives, alcohol and parabens just to mention a few!

    The majority of our ingredients are certified organic, however, not all can be like our amazing natural clays.

    However, all of our ingredients are Natural, Organic or Wild-harvested. Wild harvest being of higher quality than organic.

    We source only the highest quality ingredients from all over the world.

    How long will my products last without preservatives?

    Our products are Anhydrous meaning they contain no water. This allows us to avoid harsh preservation. Water breeds mold and bacteria. Your product is full of antioxidants to prevent the oils and butter from going rancid. We recommend you open your product as soon as it arrives and use it within 6 months.

    Why do your products contain no water?

    Being Anhydrous means we can pack your products full of unbelievable plant actives, oils and butter. This allows added benefits to the skin, compared to water-based products that are bulked with 80% water adding little to no benefit.

    The only water you will find in our range is our amazing floral waters/ toner sprays, deprived naturally from natural ingredients such as Rose, Lavender and Frankincense.

    This also means we can avoid harsh chemicals that add no benefit to the skin such as Alcohol, carcegeonics. preservatives. Often many preservatives can cause ageing, hormone imbalances and dry out the skin.

    How much should I apply?

    Remember if you are switching from your typical creams/ serums to our Anhydrous products, you will notice you will need a 1/4 of what you have been using. Very little goes a very long way.

    Where should I store Tiger Lillie skin food?

    In a cool, dark place. Our brown amber glass already protects light-sensitive ingredients such as essential oils. However, it is best to keep them cool also and out of direct sunlight.

    Are essential oils safe?

    Essential oils deserve the utmost respect and care. They are very potent plant matter that can provide exceptional benefits. As long as dermal limits are adhered to and they are formulated in the correct percentages, in an oil base, they are perfectly safe and can add to incredible results for skincare.

    Here at Tiger Lillie's skin food, we believe they are the star ingredients in all of our formulas.

    Do you test on animals?

    No, we do not test any of our products on animals, only our willing humans.