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Skin Stage 1 - Too Alkaline

Help: My Skin’s Too Alkaline! What’s Happening - and What to do About It

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Does your skin feel tight and rough or red and flaky? Do your eyes appear puffy? Urgh, what a nightmare for you… There could be a number of reasons for these skin problems but the likelihood is that the pH levels in your skin are unbalanced. And in this instance, too much alkaline is the problem. Yep, your skin is presenting typical Skin Stage 1 signs.

A short science lesson

You might have heard about pH levels in relation to liquids but perhaps not when referring to skin. So what is pH in the skin? pH stands for potential of hydrogen - how many free hydrogen ions are found in a substance. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Substances with a pH of less than 7 are considered acidic and those with a pH above 7 are considered alkaline. The skin strives to maintain a balance of acidity and alkalinity to protect the body from the elements, germs and toxins. This balance also helps the skin stay hydrated. When the skin’s pH level is unbalanced, issues can crop up.

Saying that, the pH in your skin is constantly fluctuating depending on your quality of sleep, diet, skincare routine and the environment you live in, yet research suggests that the optimum pH level for skin is around 5. Don’t worry; there’s no need to measure your skin’s pH to check it’s healthy. You know your skin and you’ll be able to tell if you think something’s not quite right. When skin is overly-alkaline (with a pH level of 9 and above), the lipid layer struggles to function; leaving skin dry and irritated, often looking that way, too!  

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What to do about high alkalinity in the skin

Frustratingly, there can be any one of a number of factors to blame for too much alkaline in the skin, including aggressive cleansers and acids, pollution, ageing, over-exfoliation and alcohol consumption. You may not think there’s much to be done about damage caused by pollution or ageing, but a luxury, potent barrier face cream with proven, active ingredients can protect your skin from nasties in the air and roll back signs of ageing. Dry, flaky skin caused by over-exfoliation is easily treated - remember to only exfoliate once a week and don’t scrub too hard!

If you think aggressive cleansers and acids are to blame, swap these from your skincare routine and opt for a luxuriously gentle cleanser, such as Divine Duo Be Mine cleanser. This non-foaming bi-phase cleanser uses the power of wild-harvested rosewater and organic jojoba oil to remove all dirt, debris and makeup.

When there’s too much alkaline in the skin - and it’s looking dry and flaky - you can be certain it’s calling out for moisture. And moisture it shall have! Flower Power face cream champions the power of dandelion, elderflower and rose in a beautiful botanical bouquet of enriching, protective goodness. Use the power of nature to hydrate and re-balance unhappy skin.

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