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Spotlight On Our Acclaimed Aromatics

Our potent aromatics are team-distilled from roots, flowers, stems, and leaves of plants. Ylang-Ylang Suitable for: sensitive, oily, dry and mature skin Ideal to combat dry, dehydrated and irritated skin...

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Spotlight On Our Exquisite Extracts

You may be surprised what powerful elements can be found in nature! At Tiger Lillies Skin Food, raw, natural materials are obtained from potent matter and combined into exquisite liquids. Bladderwrack...

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Spotlight On Our Sophisticated Staples

We don't use bulking chemicals or artificial fats to give our products that luxurious texture. Our ingredients are all completely naturally sumptuous, with extracted fats and oils from nuts, fruits,...

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Spotlight On Our Amazing Actives

Our amazing actives are all plant-derived and isolated in a specialist lab, to provide instant high-performance results, with their very own clinically-proven studies. Organic Oat Kernel Extract Suitable for: slack...

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Top Tips for Ageing Naturally

At Tiger Lillies Skin Food, we’re all about natural ageing. Although what does “ageing naturally” actually mean? For some, it might mean skipping the botox and the facelifts, for us...

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Feed Your Skin

We’ve all noticed that our skin suffers when we consistently eat poor-quality food, so which foods are best for healthy skin? 

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Winterproof Your Skin

Wintery conditions also bring new challenges for our skin. The lack of sunlight, lower humidity, colder temperatures and harsh wind can leave skin feeling dry, flakey and calling out for...

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Naturally detox your skin

As your body’s largest organ, your skin goes through a lot! Detoxing your skin will help reduce acne and redness. Here are some of the best detoxification methods, explained.

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Your Skin Flora

Like the gut, skin has its unique ecosystem consisting of millions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses — this is your skin flora. Here, we explain healthy skin floras, and their...

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Junk (skin) Food? Say No!

Next time you want a speedy result or get sucked in by empty promises, think about you’re putting on your skin. Feed your skin nature’s finest!

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