Most beauty products contain 70–80% water. 

Tiger Lillies products don’t — all of our products are anhydrous, which means they’re made without water.

Why? Because water dilutes the natural potency of ingredients. So we use rich, concentrated formulas, bursting with antioxidants and additional benefits for your skin.

Every bottle and pot of Tiger Lillies Skin Food is packed with vitamins and skin-loving omegas, and every ingredient is organic, natural, and wild-harvested.

They’re so concentrated that you only need a small amount of each product and are naturally self-preserving with no need for harsh preservative chemicals.

Anhydrous is truly synonymous with the ultimate in luxury skincare.

The only place you’ll find water is in our amazing mists, which use botanical floral waters and essences to help deliver nutrients deep into the epidermis.

But there’s another reason why we’re water-free: a quarter of the world is experiencing extreme water stress, and minimising our use of H2O is just one of the steps we can take to be more sustainable.

Less water also means smaller, lighter products, reducing packaging and shipping weight and therefore lowering our carbon footprint.