Why are we waterless

What is waterless skincare?

When it comes to beauty, anhydrous products are those that are water-free.

You might be surprised to learn that most beauty products contain anywhere from 70-80% water.

Key benefits of waterless skincare?

Anhydrous products are naturally self-preserving meaning no need for harsh preservation.

We also use concentrated forms of antioxidants to keep their formulas fresh, which can carry additional skin benefits.

When you remove the water, you can produce more highly concentrated formulas, which means lighter applications of a product with a lot of extra nutrition.

Anhydrous represents the ultimate luxury in skincare. The rich formulas and high concentration of ingredients feel expensive to the touch.

Which they are as they are full to the brim of goodness. You also only need a small amount of product.

Our collection

Our whole collection is anhydrous and highly concentrated. Packed full of vitamins and skin-loving omegas. All of our products are organic, natural and wildharvested. The only water we use if our in our amazing mists- full to the brim of botanical floral waters and essences.


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