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What are skin stages?

At Tiger Lillies, we don’t believe in skin types. A type can feel permanent, rigid, and stuck — something that’ll never change.

We’ve dedicated our lives to studying the skin, and we believe skin is constantly changing.

That’s why we choose to use the term ‘skin stages’: it’s less restrictive and less permanent, and we want you to feel empowered to be able to change the stage your skin is in.

Skin Stage 1: Too Alkaline

The skin lacks moisture due to unbalanced pH levels, which can be caused by aggressive cleansers and acids, pollution, ageing, over-exfoliation and alcohol.

The signs: 

• Skin feeling tight and rough
• It can be red and flaky
• Eyes appear puffy

What you need:

• Flower Power face cream

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Skin Stage 2: Unbalanced Sebum

When sebum production is unbalanced, your sebum glands become overactive and flood the face with oil, usually in the T-zone. This can occur when using the wrong skincare, not getting enough sleep, or experiencing high stress levels. 

The signs: 

• You have oily and dry spots
• Larger pores on the forehead, nose, and chin
• Skin is typically oily in summer and dry in winter
• You experience mild breakouts and dryness at the same time

What you need:

Bold Gold face cream

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Skin Stage 3: Signs of Ageing

This skin stage can be caused by a general lack of care for the skin, resulting in the first signs of ageing, sun damage, and lack of moisture.

The signs:

• Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Uneven skin tone
• Skin is less toned
• Dark spots and blemishes

What you need:

The Bees Knees face cream

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Skin Stage 4: Accelerated Ageing

Many factors might play a part here, like ageing, lack of sleep, lifestyle choices, and no skincare routine. The skin may appear quite damaged and unbalanced.

The signs:

• Eye bags
• Deeper lines and wrinkles
• Crow’s feet
• Lack of moisture

What you need:

Under The Sea face cream

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Skin Stage 5: Too Acidic

The skin's natural pH is far too acidic, often caused by hormones, diet, lifestyle choices, aggressive cleansers, use of too many products, alcohol, and sugar.

The signs:

• Acne/outbreaks
• Inflammatory skin conditions
• Reactive skin and redness
• Overproduction of skin sebum

What you need:

Skin Shrooms face cream

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