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Meet the maker

Where it all began

Our Founder, Liz, had a history of struggling to find skincare that suited her sensitive, reactive, and hormonal skin. She tried eating clean food, taking natural supplements, and only using natural plant oils on her skin. What a difference this made!

By dedicating herself to a formulation course, Liz discovered how harsh chemicals in many popular formulations can affect our health and well-being, and how preservatives can lead to myriad skin conditions — including cancer.

This just wouldn’t do, and so, Tiger Lillies was born.

Formulating high-end luxury creams that are suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, Tiger Lillies rejects all hormone-disrupting ingredients. Join us and learn about the incredible properties of nature and benefit from skincare that delivers results and respects the skin’s natural pH levels.

Our mother earth

Our stunning Earth is brimming with vitamins and antioxidants which nourish, nurture, and provide all the nutrients we will ever need for a truly natural and flawless complexion.

To see genuinely amazing results, we need to reconnect and re-wild ourselves. Our skin is a work of art — it shouldn’t be bombarded with harsh, complicated products.

Less really is more.

Tiger Lillies honours raw skin food without nasty fillers, parabens, harsh preservatives, or drying alcohol.

To you all

All of our formulas are lovingly created in our skin food sanctuary.

The skin food sanctuary is full of the most beautiful colourful natural plant oils, seed butter, waxes, clay powders, and fruit extracts.

We want to keep as many of you as possible away from harsh chemicals and in optimum health.

Truly, that’s the best of it all.