Meet the maker

Where it all began

From the age of 19, I was extremely disappointed as a skin therapist to find that my skin disliked all of the expensive, commercial skin creams available. By the age of 23, I had my daughter I then went on to suffer from my hormones, sensitive skin and reactive skin. I began to wonder how I could combine high-end luxury creams without all hormone disruptors for delicate sensitive skin like mine. To help my hormones and other health conditions, I opted for a Paleo lifestyle. This led me to take things back to sheer basics. I started taking natural supplements, eating clean food and only using natural plant oils on my skin.

After only a few months the difference in my health, hair and skin was outstanding. During my journey, I begin to study all the harsh chemicals that cosmetics contain and how they can affect our health and well-being. It was shocking to find that just preservatives alone can cause those hormone imbalances, many skin conditions and even cancer! Scary stuff. This led to me wanting to create my very own skincare brand. So I could share my results with others that may be suffering too. I began by mixing beautiful natural clays for clients during their facials to then creating homemade creams in my kitchen at home.

After amazing results and lots of interest from others wanting to buy my creams, I dived in alongside homeschooling my daughter and took a formulation course, where I achieved a distinction in formulation skills. My obsession with plants, botanical butter, seeds, fruits and all things natural combined with my passion for beauty and sheer determination to succeed for my daughter Lillie, lead me to create Tiger Lillies Skin Food.  My main goal was to educate others and create real skincare that delivers and does not insult the skins natural pH levels. 

Our mother earth

So often we overcomplicate bombarding the skin with too many harsh products, eager to look our best we have come so far away from what already works.

Our stunning Earth has already created a plant seed or fruit for every need, full to the brim of natural vitamins and antioxidants they nourish nurture and provide all the nutrients we will ever need for a truly natural flawless complexion. Once we reconnect and re-wild ourselves we see truly amazing results.

Our skin is a true work of art less really is more.After many years of studying the skin, I believe it’s possible to produce amazing skincare that offers long-lasting results. Real raw skin food without adding all the nasties such as fillers, parabens, harsh preservatives and drying alcohol.

To you all

All of our formulas are lovingly created by my fair hands in our skin food sanctuary. The skin food sanctuary is full of the most beautiful colourful natural plant oils, seed butter, waxes, clay powders and fruit extracts.

At nearly 40, I am at my happiest when I hand blend all of these beautiful ingredients, with a view from my window of the stunning Cambridgeshire countryside, to formulate what our customers love is the ultimate reward.

To help others achieve skincare goals no matter how big or small. To simply put smiles on many faces.But most of all to keep many of us as possible away from all the harsh chemicals and in optimum health, truly that’s the best of it all.

Love Liz xx 


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