Tiger_Lillies_Skinfood_Mango_Ingredients - Tiger Lillies Skin Food

Your skin desires to be nourished every day with the utmost love and tender care, so let us help you feed it.

Our skin specialist Liz personally creates each Tiger Lillies product by hand and with the intention of helping you become naturally ageless.

We source raw ingredients from all over the world and honour their healing properties by formulating all of our products by hand in micro-batches, with the utmost care and respect.

Each batch:

  • Is the result of 100s of hours of research and development by our in-house formulations team
  • Contain only the freshest, most prized and premium-grade organic ingredients
  • Is FREE FROM synthetic, toxic and hormone-disrupting ingredients
  • Packaged in premium-grade Miron glass, helping protect the bio-energy of the product and enhance effectiveness
  • Is hand-whipped to perfection
  • Guarantees results with our Results or Return policy
  • Formulated within days of them being available to purchase, so our ingredients are fresh and potent when they arrive to you.