Why Natural and organic?

Beneficial to you

As we are now a lot more aware of where our food products come from and finally realising that good natural/organic food is medicine. We are now beginning to question where our skincare comes from.

Just Like the food we eat, the most beneficial skincare is made with raw, organic, farm-sourced, handcrafted ingredients.

Here at Tiger Lillies, we wanted to commit to your total well-being, not just bring you flawless skin. Therefore we are extremely careful with what is in each bottle, and more importantly what is not.

Seed to bottle

In addition to being free of distilled water, alcohol and fillers, Tiger Lillies Skin Food refuses to compromise with any of the harmful or questionable ingredients such as carcinogens, hormone disruptors, synthetic fragrances, lab-derived and bio-identical ingredients, GMOs, parabens and synthetic colourants.

Synthetic Lab-made so-called plant ingredients are cheaper than real plants. Like with anything they will never be able to compete with the real thing. Nature will always be able to deliver more potent, nourishing nutrients and vitamins.

Organic, raw, unrefined whole plant ingredients contain hundreds of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients there is just no comparison when it comes to real the real science of nature and the results.


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