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All about Tiger Lillies Skin Food

About Us

What we do

Tiger Lillies is a luxury organic skin food brand, handcrafted using only natural ingredients. We’re age- and gender-neutral, and we believe in ageing naturally. 

For us, nature offers everything we need for a flawless complexion, for all ages. That’s why we’ve created a range of products — we like to think of them as magic potions — with 100% natural ingredients. 

What makes us different

No matter which Tiger Lillies product you pick up, you’ll know it’s organic, natural, wild-harvested, and free from preservatives, perfume, fragrance oils, drying alcohol, and any other toxic or synthetic ingredients.

We strive to be as transparent as possible with what goes into Tiger Lillies products, which is why all our ingredients are listed on our simple, clear labels, and championed on our ‘Ingredients’ page.

Freshness and sustainability are our priority

Our ingredients are specifically chosen for the high nutrients, vitamins, and anti-ageing properties they offer, so why would we waste their potency leaving mixed products on the shelves?

Every Tiger Lillies product is made by hand just before going on sale, ensuring every item you order is the best-quality skin food.

Packaging our products in amber glass and recyclable high-grade plastic helps our planet, and our airless pumps keep the ingredients fresh for longer.