Frequently-asked questions about skincare, Tiger Lillies products, and shipping.

Skincare FAQs

You talk about skin stages — do you not believe in types?

We believe that the skin goes through different stages. This can be due to many lifestyle factors, including ageing. We still believe in types — just not in their permanence. We endeavour to help you overcome any concerns, whether that be oily, sensitive, acne-prone, or ageing skin. 

How do I know where to start?

When you get started with a new skincare brand, it's always best to try the samples first. This will give you an idea of compatibility. We also recommend that you take our Skin Survey so we can direct you on where to start with your Tiger Lillies Skin Food journey. 

My skin is oily — can I still use your brand?

Conventional commercial skincare products are often saturated with harsh chemicals which usually strip the skin of oil. This leads to oil overproduction. Oil-based skincare without harsh chemicals — such as our products — will help balance your skin’s natural pH levels, leading to a less oily complexion.

My skin is very sensitive — where do I start?

It is likely the sensitivity of your skin has built up over some time, or that you are very sensitive to harsh ingredients. It's best to start with our small sample pack. If your skin is compatible, then we recommend starting slowly with one product. This gives sensitive skin the time to adjust to new ingredients. Once more balance is established, you can introduce more of our products to your skincare routine.

I have only used commercial/conventional skincare brands for years — how will my skin react?

The skin is the largest organ on the body and deserves to be nourished. Your skin will likely begin to break out as it begins to detoxify. This is perfectly normal. Bare with it and you’ll begin seeing amazing results after 28–42 days.

Can I continue to use other skincare products as well?

Making the full switch to Tiger Lillies Skin Food products will produce the best results. Different skincare products may contain the very ingredients affecting your skin in concerning ways.

Can you be allergic to natural skincare?

Although it's less likely compared to conventional skincare products, yes, anyone can be allergic to anything. If you do experience a reaction, wash the product off immediately and apply a cold compress. Seek medical advice if necessary.

How long will it take to see results when using Tiger Lillies products?

Cellular turnover for the skin takes between 28 and 42 days. We recommend patience and consistency for the best results. We are a brand that prides itself on real results that last — not quick instant fixes that fade.

Product FAQs

Are Tiger Lillies products all-natural and organic?

Our products are completely natural. We avoid harsh preservatives, alcohol, and parabens! All of our ingredients are natural, organic, or wild-harvested. We source only the highest-quality ingredients from all over the world.

Do you offer free sample products?

No — all of our samples are handcrafted in fresh micro-batches, with the most expensive, potent ingredients.

How long will my Tiger Lillies products last without preservatives?

Our products are anhydrous, meaning they contain no water. This allows us to avoid harsh preservation — water breeds mould and bacteria. Your Tiger Lillies purchases are full of antioxidants to prevent the oils and butter from going rancid. We recommend you open your product as soon as it arrives and use it within six months.  

Why do your products contain no water?

By making our products anhydrous, we can pack them full of powerful plant actives, oils, and butters. This unlocks added benefits for your skin, especially compared to water-based products which are bulked with 80% water, adding little to no benefit. 

The only water you will find in our range is our amazing floral waters/toner sprays, derived from natural ingredients such as rose, lavender, and frankincense. 

This also means that we avoid harsh chemicals — including alcohol, carcinogens, and preservatives — because they add no benefit to the skin. Many preservatives often cause ageing, hormone imbalances, and dry skin. 

How long will my 50ml jar last?

Our products are very potent and extremely concentrated, meaning very little goes a very long way. Your Tiger Lillies purchases will last 8–10 weeks on average. 

How much product should I apply to my skin?

If you are switching from your typical creams and serums to our anhydrous products, you will notice you will need a quarter of what you have been using. Very little goes a very long way.

The consistency of my Tiger Lillies products changed — why?

If left in direct sunlight or hot temperatures, our creams may begin to melt. Our formulas are all butter- and oil-based, making them heat- and light-sensitive.

Where should I store my Tiger Lillies products?

Store your Tiger Lillies products in a cool, dark place. Our miron glass already protects light-sensitive ingredients such as essential oils. However, it is best to keep them cool and out of direct sunlight.

Are essential oils safe?

Essential oils deserve the utmost respect and care. They are very potent plant matter which can provide exceptional benefits. As long as dermal limits are adhered to and they are formulated in the correct percentages, in an oil base, they are perfectly safe and can greatly enhance your skincare routine.

Here at Tiger Lillies, we believe essential oils are the star ingredients in all of our formulas.

Do you test on animals?

No, we do not test any of our products on animals — only our willing humans!

Are Tiger Lillies products sold in stores?

No, we are an exclusive high-performance handcrafted brand. We thrive on making our products as fresh as can be. We don’t wish for you to have a product that sits on a shelf for months! Instead, our products are formulated days before they are available to purchase.

Are your products for sale every day?

No — our products are in very high demand, and they sell out within hours of them going live on the Tiger Lillies website. We endeavour for our clients to receive only the very best. Therefore, our products are made within days of going on sale, so you can enjoy the full benefits of the powerful extracts, botanicals, and oils when they are most potent, ensuring ultimate freshness and results.

You have different creams for different skin stages — once I know my stage, how do I decide which active extract to choose?

That choice is yours. There really is no wrong answer here — you can choose between a collagen-like extract or a botox-like active. Both work amazingly well, with results proven by clinical trials.

Shipping FAQs

When will my products be shipped?

We handcraft every single order on demand. Your products are formulated fresh in small micro-batches. Please allow 5–7 working days for arrival after you have successfully ordered.

How will I know my products are on their way?

Once we have processed your order we will send you a confirmation email. You will also be able to track your package straight to your door.

Why am I charged for shipping?

We only send our products with the best delivery service possible due to the high quality of our products. This way, we can track items and ensure safe delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment, we only ship within the UK, but we endeavour to ship internationally soon.