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Benefits of our Bold Gold Face Cream

The perfect face cream for a dewy glow

If you’re seeking to banish breakouts and get adult acne under control, look no further than our Bold Gold face cream. Packed with natural, active ingredients, Bold Gold will help rebalance unbalanced sebum production and leave your skin revelling in a dewy glow. 

What is so special about our Bold Gold face cream?

Our Bold Gold face cream uses 24k gold in tandem with nature’s finest ingredients to soothe stressed-out skin, control excess sebum production and calm and moisturise the skin. It is particularly suitable for mature skin and those seeking to reduce the appearance of fine lines because of the effect gold can have on the skin’s collagen production. As we age, the body produces less collagen leading to the tell-tale signs of ageing so many of us want to banish. 

Skincare with pure 24k gold effectively helps slow down collagen depletion in skin cells. Simultaneously, the gold in our Bold Gold face cream can activate the basal cells of the skin to increase elasticity and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skin tone. (Learn more about the use of gold in face cream.)

We boldly use gold in our face cream because you’re utterly gorgeous and worth it.

Order Bold Gold face cream for £77.

What are the benefits of lotus flowers in a face cream?

Luxury face creams blended with lotus flowers have plenty of benefits for the skin. Lotus flowers’ anti-inflammatory properties help soothe stressed-out skin and reduce redness and visible signs of irritation. Antioxidants within the flower protect skin from free radical damage - a common cause of signs of ageing. And the high content of natural vitamin C in lotus flowers also means it has a brightening effect on the skin. What’s more, lotus flowers in face cream can gently control sebum production, without causing the skin to feel dehydrated.

What about the benefits of willow bark in a face cream?

Just like the lotus flower, willow bark helps to soothe stressed-out skin - it may even help to improve skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. Face creams containing willow bark extract gently exfoliate the skin, refine pores and leave the skin looking smooth and radiant. This gentle exfoliation helps minimise acne and rebalance sebum production, whilst simultaneously reducing the appearance of wrinkles and early signs of ageing.

Now tell me the benefits of marshmallow root in a face cream

Marshmallow root is an impressive face cream ingredient that is gentle on delicate skin, such as that around the eye area, yet effective enough to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By soothing stressed-out skin, marshmallow root can relieve redness and signs of skin irritation whilst retaining the skin’s natural moisture.

And the benefits of juniper berries in a face cream

Juniper berries are not only delicious to drink in gin but also a sensational ingredient in natural face creams. They help to balance sebum production by reducing excess oil production, in turn, minimising blocked pores and the occurrence of breakouts. The antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of juniper berries also work to combat adult acne and breakouts, leaving you glowing from forehead to chin.

So, how do lotus flowers, willow bark, marshmallow root and juniper berry work together in a face cream

When blended together in a face cream, lotus flower, willow bark, marshmallow root and juniper berries put up an impressive fight against excess sebum production and irritated skin. These natural ingredients can also tackle unwanted signs of ageing to achieve that coveted dewy glow.

Be bold with your face cream and benefit from the luxurious powers of Mother Nature. Be bold. Be Bold Gold.

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