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The One Face Oil

When it comes to skincare, your skin deserves nothing less than natural, luxurious goodness. And our face oil is the ultimate in luxury skincare, harnessing the marvellous power of nature.

While it may be gentle, it’s also jolly effective, championing a blend of organic jojoba, wild-harvested rosehip and almond oil. Together, these natural ingredients, calm and soothe dry, sensitive skin.

How do I use it?

The One face oil can be used as a nourishing oil for the face, nails, hair or lashes.

To use as a natural cleansing facial oil: with clean hands, rub 12 to 15 drops into the face, neck and décolletage using gentle circular motions. Then, use a warm wet cloth to remove dirt, debris and makeup. Repeat until all residual debris has been gently cleansed away.

To use as a natural, moisturising face oil: with clean, damp hands, apply 6 to 12 drops to the skin in an upward motion. Our oil can also be applied to the skin before a bath or a shower to help protect very dry and sensitive skin from harsh water. You could also apply The One before swimming as a barrier against drying and toxic chemicals.

To use as a nail oil: apply a drop to the cuticles of dry, clean nails and massage in to encourage nail growth and strength.

To use as a lash oil: apply a drop to clean fingers, then gently massage onto lashes to encourage growth - this is best done before bed.

To use as a hair oil: apply to the roots and ends of dry hair for a nourishing treatment. Use more or fewer drops, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. For best results, leave it on overnight and rinse it off using your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Which Skin Stage is it suitable for?

All of them! This powerhouse oil contains all the ingredients to tackle any skin concern; whether the skin is dry, tight and rough, oily with enlarged pores, scattered with blemishes, lines and dark spots or reactive, red and acne-prone. Don’t stress about your skin concerns any longer; our gorgeous oil is just the thing you need.

Order The One face oil for £42.00.

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