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Up The Anti Face Serum

Finding a face serum that’s nourishing, natural and not claggy can be challenging, but we have the solution.

Our Up The Anti face serum is one of our signature products, boasting 5-star reviews across the board. And, quite frankly, we’re not surprised. This luxurious serum can be incorporated into any skincare routine to add extra rejuvenating power. The sumptuous blend of organic cold-pressed oils and botanical extracts like pomegranate, carrot and ylang-ylang support the skin’s natural ageing process; tackling fine lines and wrinkles in its wake. 

Ylang-ylang is super nourishing with sebum-balancing, skin-renewing and moisture-retaining properties, making it a powerful aromatic in skincare. Ylang-ylang can also help tackle infections.

Pomegranate has been used as a natural remedy for over 3,000 years because of its profound skincare benefits, regardless of skin type, condition or age. In particular, this glorious red globe has been proven to have anti-ageing properties, promoting glowing skin. Containing a staggering amount of Vitamin C, pomegranate-infused natural skincare will smooth the skin’s surface - with continued use.

How do I use it?

No matter your evening skincare routine, our face elixir is the perfect serum for anyone wishing to stave off wrinkles or banish fine lines and crow’s feet.

Simply, shake the bottle to awaken the glorious, natural ingredients and apply 6 to 8 drops to clean skin. Allow nature’s magic to sink in overnight and wake up feeling, and looking rejuvenated.

Which Skin Stage is it suitable for?

All of them! This rejuvenating face serum is packed with ingredients to tackle just about any skin concern; whether the skin is dry, tight and rough, oily with enlarged pores, scattered with blemishes, lines and dark spots or reactive, red and acne-prone. Up The Anti face serum will see you through all Skin Stages. We’ve got you.

Order Up The Anti face serum for £55.00.

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