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Junk (skin) Food? Say No!

We all know that processed, junk and ready-made packaged food is unhealthy and that its convenience comes with a hefty price, but did you know the same is true for your skincare products?

Highly-processed products promising quick results are designed to have a long shelf life, which means they’re bulked with 90% water, parabens, E-numbers, and nasty preservatives. Junk products are always inferior to those freshly made from organic, natural wholesome ingredients.

Tiger Lillies Skin Food products are anhydrous, or water-free [learn more here], which means they’re oil-based and free of chemicals that can disrupt the skin’s balance. 

Every product is made by hand with love in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness and full to the brim of beautiful botanicals.

Our creams last longer too, because a very little amount goes a very long way, and infuses the skin with all the necessary nutrients it deserves. We’re all thinking more about how we can make our diets more healthy; why not our skincare products too?

Next time you want a speedy result or get sucked in by empty promises, think about you’re putting on your skin – and into your bloodstream… 

Feed your skin nature’s finest — try The One oil, our Aloe Rose cream, or Up The Anti serum.

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