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What is Skin Purging?

Skin purging is a common, temporary process your skin goes through when it tries to eliminate toxins deep in your pores, manifesting in breakouts. 

That’s why sometimes when you try a shiny new product it can make your skin come out in pimples rather than instantly glow from within.

But skin purging is a completely natural process when your skin is adjusting to new, natural, and more nourishing products that encourage cell turnover, like the ones we sell at Tiger Lillies. It just takes time to see the results. 

Why does skin purge? 

Conventional commercial products leave the top layer of your skin clean, but often don’t reach the dirt that’s deep in your pores. 

Harsh toners and creams that contain alcohol and parabens can leave your skin dry, leading the skin to overproduce oil. 

Tiger Lillies products are anhydrous (water-free), which sends your skin the message that it has enough oil. 

Our best seller Aloe Rose has a slight exfoliating effect, encouraging cellar turnover. Skin cells take 28-42 days to fully renew, so it’s worth holding out at least that long with a new product to allow impurities and toxins to slowly come to the surface. 

Is there anything you can do to help skin purging?

Our Require Fire masque is made with kaolin clay, an ingredient known to absorb impurities that are stuck in the pores, and pomegranate extract to boost cell turnover through gentle exfoliation. Using this during the purge will eliminate dirt and toxins weekly and minimise breakouts.  

How to tell if your skin is purging or having a reaction

When your skin purges, you may experience heavier breakouts, but you should not have extra sensitivity or irritation to go with it. If you notice this, it is likely due to an allergic reaction.

Anyone can be allergic to any ingredient so it’s important to discontinue use immediately. Apply a cold compress to soothe irritation. 

How long does skin take to purge?

Real skincare results take real commitment, patience, routine and time. Just like faddy diets never really work, it's the same when it comes to our skin. Instant results never really last and can cause more damage than good. 

Six weeks is a reasonable time to see results. Skin cycles vary and slow down with age, but on average, a full skin cycle (where a skin cell develops and is released at the surface) takes roughly 28-42 days.

We have a couple of products that can help with skin purging; The One oil, and our Divine Duo Be Mine cleanser

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