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Our Amazing Actives

Our amazing actives are all plant-derived and isolated in a specialist lab, to provide instant high-performance results, with their very own clinically-proven studies.

Organic Oat Kernel Extract

Oat kernals on a black backgrouns

Suitable for: slack and mature skin

Ideal to firm, tone and smooth skin

Found in: Under The Sea Plus+, The Bees Knees Plus+, Bold Gold Plus+, Flower Power Plus+, Skin Shrooms Plus+   

Perfect for Skin Stages: 3 and 4

Oat kernel extract is a sugar-based tensor ingredient obtained from oats produced by organic farming. The extract is a purified fraction of branched natural polyoses and comprises elastic, flexible molecules.

The properties of oat kernel extract make it a powerful ingredient for delivering visible results of firmer skin. In clinical trials, 82% of volunteers on a trained panel felt a significant and immediate sensation of a tensor effect and short-term efficiency, noticing a significant tensor effect two hours after a single application.

Organic Alfalfa Extract

Alfalfa sprouts on a black background

Suitable for: sensitive, damaged and mature skin

Ideal to smooth, revitalise and firm-up tired-looking skin

Found in: Under The Sea, The Bees Knees, Bold Gold, Flower Power, Skin Shrooms

Perfect for Skin Stages: 3 and 4

Alfalfa is a flowering plant in the legume family Fabaceae. Previously known more commonly by the name “lucerne” in the UK, “alfalfa” was the more popular name in North America until the Americas began producing the majority of the world’s output, hence the increasing popularity of the name “alfalfa”.

Organic alfalfa extract is a plant-derived, retinol-like ingredient which is safe and stable. Popular in today’s skincare, retinol is often recommended for its repair abilities but its use can cause problems like skin instability and irritation. Rich in galactomannans of alfalfa obtained from organic farming, alfalfa extract preserves the extracellular matrix of the skin and protects and repairs the dermis by stimulating collagen synthesis.

Wrinkles are attenuated, and skin is revitalised and radiant. This plant-derived retinol mimic is equally as effective (if not better) than retinol.

Organic Rye Extract

Sprigs of golden rye on black background

Suitable for: mature skin

Ideal to firm and revitalise tired-looking skin

Found in: Under The Sea Plus+, Skin Shrooms Plus+ 

Perfect for Skin Stages: 3 and 4

A member of the wheat tribe, rye is a grass grown excessively as a grain. It’s believed that rye was one of the first crops systematically harvested, around 13,000 years ago. Since the Middle Ages, rye has been extensively cultivated in Central and Eastern Europe.

Rich in arabinoxylans purified from organic rye, our extract acts on the modulation of skin tension forces. By stimulating the synthesis of α-smooth muscle actin (or stress fibres), organic rye extract reinforces the mechanical resistance of the dermis and improves the stretchability of the skin. Tested on volunteers, it smooths and firms cutaneous tissues by procuring tonicity and tension to the skin. Looking for an anti-ageing firming solution that packs a (loving) punch? Look no further.

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