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Streamlining Your Routine

Have you ever found yourself gazing into your vanity cabinet and wondering how on earth you accumulated so many skincare products? Us too.

When we were younger, our cabinets used to be bursting with glittery bath bombs and face packs (the mantra of the teenager’s skincare routine was simple: “cleanse, tone and moisturise!”) but over the years, the serums, masks and essential tools seem to have multiplied. 

If you’re yearning for a more straightforward routine, it’s time to streamline - and Tiger Lillies Skin Food is here to help.

Invest in Quality

An easy way to achieve a fuss-free skincare routine is to focus on quality, not quantity. Investing in a handful of luxury skincare products means you’ll need fewer bottles and less of a product to see results. Most beauty products contain 70-80% of water which dilutes active ingredients so you need to use more to achieve your skin goals than if you used a concentrated formula. Tiger Lillies Skin Food cosmetics are so concentrated you’ll only need a small amount (whilst also being kind to your skin).

Tailor Your Skincare

Before you try the latest beauty trend taking TikTok by storm, you’ll need to consider whether it’s suitable for your skin. Using clinically-proven ingredients tailored to your skin concerns should make up the bulk of your skincare routine.

We also recommend exercising caution when thinking about what skin type you might be. At Tiger Lillies, we recognise that the skin is ever-changing which is why products that worked for your skin a few years ago, might not work for your skin now. Lifestyle factors (such as diet, well-being and any medications you’re on) can affect the pH balance of the skin, as can the natural ageing process. If you’ve noticed a change in your skin or that your products just aren’t doing it anymore, you need to discover what Skin Stage you’re in.

Discover your Skin Stage through our quiz.

The beauty industry is ever-evolving and new innovations and targeted ingredients burst onto the market quicker than you can use up last season’s hot product. And while being a part of innovations in skincare is exciting, if you’re looking for naturally beautiful, ageless skin, you need products that champion natural, rich, toxic-free formulas. 

Natural, nourishing and organic - that’s Tiger Lillies Skin Food.

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