We're in the Finals in the Free From Skincare Awards! - Tiger Lillies Skin Food

We're in the Finals in the Free From Skincare Awards!

We've always known our range is made of award-worthy, natural and luxurious skincare...

So we’re delighted to share that not one, but three Tiger Lillies Skin Food products have been selected as finalists for the Free From Skincare Awards. Anyone in the beauty and skincare industries knows these awards are notoriously difficult to qualify for... Volunteers rigorously test all the natural skincare products entered for four weeks before the products are reviewed by a panel of judges.

You won’t find any harmful or questionable ingredients that can be considered carcinogens, hormone disrupters, synthetic fragrances, lab-derived or bio-identical, GMOs, parabens or artificial colourants in any of our skincare products. And the Free From Skincare Awards knows it, too.

Divine Duo Be Mine... Be my new Free From Natural Face Cleanser

You might be aware of the benefits of adding salicylic acid to your skincare routine but do you know about the powerful properties of wild-harvested rose water and jojoba oil? Our natural, non-foaming face cleanser has all the “free from” ingredients needed to tackle blemishes and leave your skin looking clear and hydrated. 

Wild-harvested rose water calms and soothes skin, while the antioxidants in rose help strengthen skin cells and simultaneously keep the skin’s moisture barrier strong. It’s also an excellent combatant of acne, redness and inflammation thanks to its astringent properties. Jojoba oil mimics the skin’s natural oils, helping to restore the pH balance in your skin. With continued use, the jojoba oil in our natural face cleanser will support the skin’s natural ageing process and help the skin look gorgeously plump and youthful. Free from artificial ingredients? Yes. Free from gentle active ingredients? No.

Buy our award-worthy Free From natural face cleanser, Divine Duo Be Mine for £44.00

Up The Anti on Your Free From Natural Face Serum

As one of our signature products, our ultimate anti-ageing elixir Up The Anti face serum is suitable for any skincare routine. Blending organic cold-pressed oils and botanical extracts like pomegranate, carrot and ylang-ylang, this gorgeous face serum supports the skin’s natural ageing process. Oozing with wild-harvested and 89% organic-certified ingredients, this natural face serum really is the next level in skincare.

As a powerful natural aromatic, ylang-ylang is super nourishing, sebum-balancing and skin-renewing while pomegranate has been used as a natural remedy for over 3,000 years because of its impressive skincare benefits. Containing a staggering amount of Vitamin C, continued use of pomegranate-infused natural face serum will smooth the skin’s surface and promote a youthful appearance - with no artificial nasties in sight!

Buy our award-worthy Free From natural face serum, Up The Anti for £55.00

Under The Sea, You’ll Find Our Free From Natural Face Cream

We’re not surprised our Under The Sea face cream has been selected for the Free From finals. This powerful, natural face cream effectively repairs sun-damaged, ageing skin by reducing sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles - all thanks to its oceanic ingredients. We’ve blended nourishing botanicals like sea cucumber, sea lettuce and bladderwrack to nourish the skin with waves of nutrients:

  • Natural collagen-rich sea cucumber can reduce the appearance of fine lines while hydrating dry skin and giving it a more vibrant, youthful complexion.
  • Sea lettuce is brimming with vitamins and minerals which nourish the skin and reduce signs of ageing for a firmer skin surface. 
  • Swimming with antioxidants, bladderwrack can neutralise free radicals, prevent skin dullness, reduce fine lines and boost skin cell turnover.

Ideal for skin that’s ageing faster than expected, this gorgeously natural face cream will support your skin’s natural ageing process and get fine lines and wrinkles under control within four to six weeks of regular use.

Buy our award-worthy Free From natural face cream, Under The Sea for £77.00

We’ll let you know how our products get on in the coming weeks!

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