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Top Tips for Ageing Naturally

At Tiger Lillies Skin Food, we’re all about natural ageing. Although what does “ageing naturally” actually mean?

For some, it might mean skipping the botox and the facelifts, for us it means no artificial additives in our diet or in our skincare.

Ageing is a fact of life, but how do we stay looking youthful and healthy as our skin ages? What are the best ways to support the natural ageing process? (Because lets face it, it's inevitable)

Here are our top 5 tips for ageing naturally:

  • Feed your skin with nutritious foods and liquids
  • We’re sad to admit it, but no amount of luxury skincare products will make up for a poor diet. Your skin needs vitamins and minerals to stay supple, hydrated, and healthy so make sure you’re giving it the tools it needs. It’s tried-and-tested advice, but try not to drink too much alcohol, ensure you eat a variety of fruit and vegetables and cut back on processed foods. Learn more about how to feed your skin, here. While you're here, time to take a good few gulps of that glass of water you've forgotten about...

  • Keep fit and exercise
  • The NHS recommends that adults take 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week. Find a couple of forms of exercise you enjoy and rotate these - varying between cardio and strength building. If you really can’t face exercising, make some changes to your lifestyle. Take the 20-minute walk to town rather than the 8-minute drive; walk up the stairs rather than take the escalator and spend part of your day standing at your desk, instead of sitting in your chair. Even having a bit of a boogie in the kitchen while you wait for the kettle to boil is a step in the right direction!

  • Look after your teeth
  • That means brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, avoiding too many sweets and carbonated drinks, and visiting the dentist regularly. Caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes will stain your teeth. If it's too daunting to quit, then at least cutting down will help. 

  • Care for your feet
  • Hopefully, your feet will carry you through life and over that time, they’ll be well used. Don’t abuse them. Moisturise them, scrub them, and treat yourself to a pedicure from time to time if you can. This blog doesn't count as medical advice so you can't write this off as medical care, sorry!

  • Use natural skincare products with proven ingredients
  • When it comes to skincare, look for products with ingredients proven to target areas you’re concerned about. While chemical compounds may claim to effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines, or minimise dark spots, or help skin look more youthful... most if not all are artificially created, questionable compounds may be carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting or contain parabens. If it's got an ingredient list as long as the bottle it's a no thank you from us.

    Just as with the food we eat, it’s best to feed our skin with natural ingredients, bursting with hundreds of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

    At Tiger Lillies, we don’t compromise on quality. 

    None of our ingredients are synthesised, and none of our products contains fillers to bulk out packaging, added water or alcohol. Feed your skin the way nature intended! If you'd like further reading, you can discover the range of delicious, natural ingredients we champion here at Tiger Lillies.

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