The lower half of someone's face with a strong jawline, with beads of water on the skin.

Winterproof Your Skin

Wintery conditions also bring new challenges for our skin. The lack of sunlight, lower humidity, colder temperatures and harsh wind can leave skin feeling dry, flakey and calling out for love.

And so love we shall give!

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

The chances are, your skin receives more moisturising care over the summer than in the winter. More parts of your body are on show and most days you’re slathering on suncream and possibly even some gradual tanning lotion. In summer, your moisturised skin loves you. Come winter, your legs are cosy in leggings and your arms are protected by the warm cocoon of your jumper…

Using an ultra-rich body cream, bursting with skin-loving botanicals is a surefire way to treat your whole body this winter. Each Butter Me Up Buttercup batch of body butter has been hand-whipped to perfection with 99% of ingredients used certified as “organic”. Beautiful shea and sophisticated ylang-ylang leave the body feeling hydrated, silky smooth and smelling irresistible. 

Cleanse carefully

Scrubbing your face until it feels squeaky clean does more harm than good so use nourishing cleansers to avoid stripping your skin of natural oils. Tiger Lillies Skin Food face cleanser, Divine Duo Be Mine, combines two phases of cleansing in one. Wild-harvested rosewater and organic jojoba oil unite to gently remove debris and stubborn makeup all in one.

Give a little extra boost

When your skin feels (or looks!) like it could do with a little rejuvenation, using a few drops of Up The Anti face serum overnight will be your secret solution. Pomegranate botanical extract has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties which promote bouncy, glowing skin. No wonder Up The Anti is one of our most anticipated products!

This winter, show your skin some love with rich, luscious skincare. Natural, nourishing, essential - that’s Tiger Lillies Skin Food.

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