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Aloe Rose Face Cream

When it comes to skincare, not all face creams are created equal. We’ve formulated a luxurious, organic moisturising mousse that boosts cell turnover by gently exfoliating the skin. Who knew a face cream could deliver such glowing results? We did.

Our unique blend of sangre de drago (dragon’s blood) resin and botanical actives such as hibiscus, helps the skin’s natural collagen production, leaving you with a naturally dewy and youthful complexion. Dragon’s blood is beloved by skincare industry experts, thanks to its ability to hydrate, soothe and plump the skin. This powerful plant resin is also believed to minimise redness and calm sensitive skin.

Aloe Rose face cream is also ideal if you’re wishing to smooth pesky wrinkles. Nutrients found in the beautiful botanical calendula extract may slow premature ageing and wrinkles and will make your skin glow!

Those who’ve bought this natural face cream have commented on its “divine” smell, and “silky” and “creamy”  texture, so we’re confident you’ll love this face cream, too. When you invest in Tiger Lillies Skin Food, you’re investing in quality, potent ingredients, formulated by experts and can feel confident that none of our products has been bulked up by water.

How do I use it?

To moisturise in the morning: After cleansing, apply to the skin (including neck and décolletage) in an upward motion, avoiding the eye area. Leave it to sink in before applying makeup.

To moisturise in the evening: After cleansing, use dry hands and apply to the skin (including neck and décolletage) in an upward motion, avoiding the eye area.

Which Skin Stage is it suitable for?

Aloe Rose face cream is suitable for all Skin Stages, and incredibly effective if you suffer from very dry or dehydrated skin. Skin can look sore and dry if it has too much alkaline and its pH levels are unbalanced, in which case, you’ll need Aloe Rose to support you through Skin Stage 1. This natural, organic face cream helps soothe sore skin, deeply penetrating the dermis for a lasting hydrating effect.

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