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Flower Power Face Cream

Who says you have to wait until spring to experience the gorgeous goodness of botanicals? Our Flower Power face cream packs a blooming great punch, all year round.

Dandelion, elderflower and rose come together in a beautiful bouquet to help you age naturally and achieve your skincare goals. Flower Power face cream contains only natural ingredients and luxuriously enriches the skin with moisture. Its added power comes from this face cream’s ability to protect your skin from toxic chemicals, pollution and other nasties.

What’s the difference between Flower Power and Flower Power Plus+?

When you buy one of our standard face creams, you’re investing in Tiger Lillies quality Skin Food, with active ingredients that will deliver results within 4 to 6 weeks of regular use. All of our standard formulations are incredibly potent (and very little goes a long way), but we know that sometimes we all need a little extra boost - which is why we developed our “Plus+” formulations. These contain additional ingredients which our independent testers described as creating an “instant lift”; ideal for when you’re running out the door and want a gorgeous glow.

How do I use it?

To moisturise in the morning: After cleansing, use dry hands and apply a pea-sized amount to damp skin (including neck and décolletage) in an upward motion, avoiding the eye area.

To moisturise in the evening: After cleansing, use dry hands and apply to damp skin (including neck and décolletage) in an upward motion. Use twice as much as the morning for a nourishing overnight moisturising experience, and avoid the eye area.

Our Chief Formulator’s Top Tip: If you suffer from extra-dry or sensitive skin, apply the cream to clean skin before the shower to protect your face from harsh water.

Which Skin Stage is it suitable for?

Flower Power face cream is the best face cream for dry and dehydrated skin. When your skin looks dry and flaky, it’s calling out for moisturise, so you’ll need a deeply nourishing face moisturiser. Sometimes, the cause of dry and flaky skin is an unbalanced pH in the skin; in this instance, too much alkaline - Skin Stage 1. Use Flower Power to hydrate your skin, reduce alkalinity and rebalance its pH levels.

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