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Finalists in the Natural Health Beauty Awards!

Even more confirmation we create award-worthy natural skincare!

As if one set of products in prestigious skincare awards wasn’t enough, we now have five natural skin foods in the Natural Health Beauty Awards. (Learn more about our products in the Free From Skincare Awards.) Each year, the Natural Health Beauty Awards “celebrate the very best in holistic and complementary beauty”, judged by an expert panel.

We always knew our skin food was naturally glorious…

Heroic Natural Skincare with Our Face Cleanser, Face Serum and Face Creams

An impressive five Tiger Lillies Skin Food products have been shortlisted for the “Natural Heroes” range.

  1. Divine Duo Be Mine Face Cleanser

Our natural non-foaming face cleanser is enriched with organic jojoba oil to support the skin’s natural ageing process and help the skin look gorgeously plump and youthful. Wild-harvested rose water calms and soothes skin while rose’s antioxidants help strengthen skin cells and simultaneously keep the skin’s moisture barrier strong. What makes our face cleanser particularly heroic in our eyes is its ability to naturally tackle blemishes and leave your skin looking clear and hydrated.

Buy our shortlisted naturally heroic face cleanser, Divine Duo Be Mine for £44.00

  1. Up The Anti Face Serum

Expertly blended from organic cold-pressed oils and botanical extracts like pomegranate, carrot and ylang-ylang, our Up The Anti face serum supports the skin’s natural ageing process. Ylang-ylang is super nourishing, sebum-balancing and skin-renewing and pomegranate contains a staggering amount of Vitamin C to smooth the skin’s surface and promote a youthful appearance.

Our face serum is an all-around hero because not only can it be incorporated into any skincare routine to help balance the skin’s pH levels (even if you suffer from oily skin), but it’s also oozing with wild-harvested and 89% organic-certified ingredients.

Buy our shortlisted naturally heroic face serum, Up The Anti for £55.00

  1. Under The Sea Face Cream

Three powerful, natural ingredients found under the sea come together to provide waves of nourishing goodness in our Under the Sea face cream. Sea cucumber, sea lettuce and bladderwrack effectively repair sun-damaged, ageing skin by reducing sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles. Sea cucumber is naturally rich in collagen, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while simultaneously hydrating dry skin and encouraging a vibrant youthful complexion. The vitamins and minerals found in sea lettuce make the skin’s surface look firmer and reduce signs of ageing. Finally, bladderwrack heroically neutralises free radicals, prevents skin dullness, reduces fine lines and boosts skin cell turnover.

Buy our shortlisted naturally heroic face cream, Under The Sea for £77.00

  1. The Bees Knees Face Cream

No wonder The Bees Knees face cream has been shortlisted and is causing a buzz. A natural combination of bee propolis, bee pollen (straight from the hive), ylang-ylang and myrrh banish unwanted signs of ageing, help skin look plump and youthful and leave your skin feeling invigorated and buzzing with energy. Revitalise dull, sagging skin and prance around like you’re The Bee’s Knees.

Buy our shortlisted naturally heroic face cream, The Bees Knees for £77.00

  1. Bold Gold Face Cream

We’ve boldly blended 24k gold with nature’s finest ingredients to soothe stressed-out skin, control excess sebum production and calm and moisturise the skin. Pure 24k gold effectively helps slow down collagen depletion in skin cells, helping skin look young and glowing. The antioxidants within lotus flowers protect the skin from free radical damage while its anti-inflammatory properties calm skin and reduce redness and visible signs of irritation.

Willow bark extract gently exfoliates the skin, refines pores and leaves the skin looking smooth and radiant. The gentle exfoliation helps minimise acne and rebalance sebum production and simultaneously reduces the appearance of wrinkles and early signs of ageing. Feel like a gold hero with our Bold Gold face cream.

Buy our shortlisted naturally heroic face cream, Bold Gold for £77.00

Natural, Anti-Ageing Face Cream

“Anti-ageing” is not a claim we throw around carelessly. And at Tiger Lillies, we prefer to use the term “ageing naturally” because we see beauty at any age. Saying that, we’re thrilled our Under The Sea face cream has been shortlisted for the Anti-Ageing skincare category in the Natural Health and Beauty Awards.

With ingredients brimming with anti-ageing properties (such as natural collagen, bountiful vitamins and minerals and healing antioxidants), our Under The Sea face cream will support your skin’s natural ageing process and help you feel gorgeous in your skin.

Buy our shortlisted natural, anti-ageing face cream, Under The Sea for £77.00

We’ll let you know how our products get on in the coming months…

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