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Zoom The One face oil - Tiger Lillies Skin Food
Zoom The One face oil - Tiger Lillies Skin Food
Zoom The One face oil - Tiger Lillies Skin Food
Zoom The One face oil - Tiger Lillies Skin Food

The One face oil

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Why this price?


We know we’re not priced like products you can pick up on the high street. And we never will be.


Unlike mass manufacturers with fully-automated production lines, our products are made by real humans, who deserve a real living wage.

We make our skin food in smaller batches, thus minimising waste. But this also means we don't purchase our recyclable packaging by the millions, so we don’t get any bulk discounts.

Our boxes and labels are made locally by an independent printing company. We believe in supporting our fellow indie brands, who are often also unable to offer mass-produced discounting.

Our ingredients are organic, as well as wild-harvested wherever possible — and they come at a premium. You've seen the difference in price between supermarket carrots and organic carrots from a local farmers’ market — we see the same differences when sourcing the highest-quality ingredients for your skin food.

While you may pay a little more initially, you will get a lot more in the long run. Our range is fantastically potent. We don't bulk with water, so there’s absolutely no corner-cutting on quality. We were founded by someone who wanted nothing but the best for her skin, and we simply want the best for yours too.


The only one you’ll ever need, this luxurious organic face oil is a gentle yet extremely effective blend of organic jojoba, wild-harvested rosehip, and almond oil that calms and soothes dry, sensitive skin. It’s also super nourishing for nails, hair, lashes, and body. Highly recommended for sensitive, reactive, dry, and extra-dry skin.

  • Skin Stages: all
  • Wild harvest ingredients
  • 99% of organic certified ingredients
  • 50g (standard size) or 10g (travel size)

Key Ingredients

Organic Rosehip: rosehip oil is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, and essential fatty acids. The fatty acids in rosehip are anti-inflammatory and can improve signs of ageing and pigmentation, and moisturise the skin.

Organic Rosemary: when used topically, rosemary essential oil deeply cleanses the complexion and stimulates healing to leave the skin more refreshed than ever. Thanks to its ability to trigger circulation and lymphatic drainage, rosemary oil aids in expelling toxins from the skin.

Organic Squalane: there are many benefits of using squalane on the face. These include hydration, promoting a youthful appearance, alleviating temporary redness, controlling oil, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and more. Squalene mimics the skin's natural oil, and so its benefits are long-lasting.

  • The Ritual
  • Ingredients
  • Gold Tiger Standard
  • To use

    To cleanse, use clean hands to rub around 12 to 15 drops into face, neck, and décolletage using gentle circular motions. Remove using a warm wet cloth. Repeat as many times as necessary so all dirt, debris, and make-up is completely removed.

    The One can also be used to moisturise your skin: use 6 to 12 drops on damp clean hands, applying the oil to the skin in an upward motion. Our versatile oil is also great to apply before a shower or bath to protect very dry and sensitive skin, or apply before swimming to protect against harsh, drying toxic chemicals.

    Top Tips

    Apply before your evening moisturiser during the winter months for extra nourishment.

    Nails: Apply a drop to the cuticles of dry, clean nails and massage into skin to encourage nail growth and strength.

    Lashes: Apply a drop on clean fingers then gently massage onto lashes to encourage growth.

    Hair: On dry hair apply to the roots and ends for a nourishing hair treatment. For best results, leave on overnight and wash off using your normal shampoo and conditioner.

    Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, rosa canina seed oil, squalane, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, tocopherol, helianthus annuus seed oil.

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