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Why Adding a Face Oil to Your Skincare Routine Can Benefit You

The benefits of using a natural face oil

Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. We’ve had this mantra drilled into us since we were 11 years old, buying our first products for a skincare routine fit for a pre-teen. But did you realise that adding face oil has many benefits for your skin?

Why choose a face oil for your skincare routine?

No matter which Skin Stage you find yourself in, incorporating the right kind of face oil into your skincare routine will reap plenty of benefits. If you believe your skin is too oily, don’t be put off by adding more oil to your skin; in fact, face oils shouldn’t make your skin more oily. When choosing a face oil that’s suitable for oily skin, you’ll want to look for natural ingredients, carefully balanced to be gentle and effective. If you’re struggling with unbalanced pH levels in your skin a natural face oil with a carefully-formulated blend of ingredients can be an effective way to rebalance and harmonise. (Learn more about having too much alkaline or too much acid in your skin elsewhere on our blog.) Importantly, applying a face oil after a natural moisturiser hydrates the skin as the oil locks in the moisturise and natural ingredients - without the oily finish.

How to choose the right natural face oil

Wondering which natural face oil is best to add to a skincare routine? Look for natural, organic ingredients and formulations that haven’t been bulked out by water. Across your skincare routine, seek out anhydrous products because adding water to skincare products dilutes ingredients and reduces efficiency - meaning it will take longer to see results!

Face oils rich in vitamins and fatty acids help to soothe and calm the skin whilst providing much of the natural goodness it needs. If you’re looking to keep blemishes and acne at bay, try adding face oil to your skincare routine

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What are the benefits of our organic face oil?

Our organic face oil really is the only one you’ll need. Formulated from wild-harvested ingredients (99% of which are organically certified), The One face oil delivers gentle yet effective results, thanks to Mother Nature. This incredibly versatile face oil can feature across your skincare routine as a nourishing oil for the face, nails, hair or lashes.

By adding The One face oil to your skincare routine, you’ll be hydrating your skin, locking in moisturise from the natural, active ingredients bursting out of our skincare products you’re already enjoying. Use The One face oil as a final step after moisturising to create a seal before applying make-up in the morning or to seal in glorious goodness at night.

Enter, your new mantra: cleanse, tone, moisturise and oil.

Our organic face oil can also protect very dry or sensitive skin by acting as a barrier against harsh, hot water in the shower or bath, or to ward off drying and toxic chemicals in swimming pools. When applied to lashes or hair, our organic face oil promotes growth and hydrates hair follicles. That’s a whole lot of power in one face oil!

Learn more about how to use The One face oil.

What are the benefits of organic jojoba oil?

Looking for a lightweight, non-greasy, natural oil boasting skin-soothing, moisturising properties? Jojoba oil is the ingredient you need. It’s gentle enough to be used on skin across Skin Stages, particularly sensitive skin because face oils rich in jojoba oil have a low chance of causing irritation or allergic reactions. Jojoba oil also mimics the skin’s natural sebum, conditioning the skin and locking in moisture without clogging pores or making acne worse.

What about the benefits of wild-harvested rosehip oil?

Wild-harvested rosehip oil is derived from cold-pressed seeds of the wild rose plant. Rich in vitamins A, C, D and E and Omega fatty acids, face oils containing rosehip oil provide essential nutrients your skin needs to look hydrated, youthful and free from acne and blemishes. (Yes, please!) When incorporating a vitamin A-rich face oil into your skincare routine, be mindful of sun protection. Vitamin A is also known as retinol and while it can help brighten the skin, it can also make it more sensitive to the sun. So slather on that SPF, even in winter.

And tell me about the benefits of almond oil

For some, almond oil is considered a wonder oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean it can calm and soothe dry, sensitive skin and reduce under-eye puffiness. As a natural ingredient in our face oil, almond oil is ideal for mature skin because it oozes with moisturising goodness. Almond oil has also been shown to improve complexion and even skin tone.

When you add an organic face oil with nutrient-rich, natural ingredients to your skincare routine, you’ll see so many benefits. Let The One face oil be your one and only.

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